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A lot of privacy policies are overly complicated these days. Lots of legal jargon that the ordinary person cannot comprehend or easily consent to.

Over here, we’ll try to simplify our privacy policy as much as possible, letting you know which of your data we collect, and what we do with said data.

Section 1: Data We Collect

Section 2: What We Do With Your Data

We ONLY use your information to communicate order statuses, shipping updates and any other thing generally related to your order. We WILL NOT, under any circumstances, send you unsolicited emails, unless you subscribe willingly.

Section 3: How Long We Retain Your Data

We keep your information on file once you’ve registered as a customer with us. This enables us easily process your orders each time, without having to re-do the entire process over and over again. If you want us to delete your information from our database, please write to us: [email protected] and we will comply with your request ASAP!

Section 4: How Secure Is Your Data

Your data is 100% secure with us. We use 256 bit encryption to store form entries (which contain your information) on our systems. We also use TLS (Transport Layer Security protocol) to transmit emails and communicate you of order status, updates and more. This prevents unscrupulous elements from intercepting ANY information we exchange.

Last updated 09/11/22